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Benefits of Franchising

What happens when you combine innovative thinking with over 30 years of experience and success in the real estate services industry? You get real estate to the power of 10, simply stated, you get the most advanced real estate franchising system available. You get more reasons to invest and become a member of the ERA Middle East network. You get more ways to elevate your business to the next level. You get innovative tools and systems that make managing your real estate services office a breeze. Whether you're in the field of commercial or residential brokerage, appraisal or property management, the ERA Middle East Franchise System has the business tools required to take you where you want to go with your real estate career. Whether you're interested in a Master Country License or simply a Sub-Franchise Office, in one of our already established countries, we've got ten great reasons for you to invest today.

  1. A Brand Known around the Globe
  2. We know how hard it is to start a business in today's uncertain and competitive environment. We know how hard you have to work to differentiate your brand, and gain the loyalty and satisfaction of customers. With an ERA Franchise we've done all the hard work for you. When you join us, you start up your business with a strong and well established brand name. The ERA brand is not only instantly recognizable but also enjoys the loyalty and satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. With over 30 years of brand building and unparalleled service, ERA helps you pave the way to your success and gives you a head start on your competition.

  3. The Fastest Growing Network in the Region
  4. ERA has a vast international network of 3000 officess spanning 40 countries worldwide. Our distinguished Middle East network, with new offices opening up all the time, has become the fastest growing network in the region. Our network gives you the edge of being able to serve your clients not only in your own country but also regionally and internationally. Through our innovative referral system you can go the extra step for your client, by passing on a listing from your office to any ERA office in the region and worldwide, plus you'll also get to handle referrals from network offices which helps you develop your listing system and increase your profits as well. Why narrow your scope when you can make the world your market?

  5. Training & Education
  6. At ERA we understand the importance of human capital, that's why we invest in our agents & management and empower them with knowledge. We provide all ERA real estate agents with internationally renowned training courses and the latest in industry education both regionally and globally. ERA has been developing its training system for over 30 years and has developed the leading courses in the industry, Acceleration TMand Top Gun TM. Furthermore, ERA is associated with the world's leading institutions in the real estate education world, enabling its management to obtain the utmost skills in Brokerage, Investment Analysis, Property Management, Mortgage Financing and Appraisal.

  7. Technology & Innovation
  8. From day one, ERA has built its name on innovation and technology. By being the first real estate company to transmit listings via the fax machine, the name Electronic Realty Associates (ERA) was born. ERA Middle East builds on this heritage by providing its franchisees with the most advanced technological support through RETECH, ERA Middle East's proprietary real estate management software. As the operational platform that connects the entire ERA Middle East network, agents and management are empowered to make efficient business decisions. In addition to creating a regional pool of listings, RETECH is built to expand with several innovative modules for other real estate activities including Commercial Brokerage, Appraisal and Property Management.

  9. Business Know How
  10. Know how is crucial to the success of any business. With ERA you join forces with the people who know the real estate business like no other. The business and operational processes, forms, integrated marketing tools, best practices and office policies & procedures manuals that you need are instantly within your grasp. Over 30 years of experience in the real estate services industry have been packaged to help you build your business. In addition, ERA has a strong local knowledge of each individual market and understands that not all markets are created equal, allowing for flexibility and easy customization for key market aspects.

  11. Brand Marketing & Advertising
  12. To make it in today crowded business environment, you have to be seen, heard and be instantly recognizable by your clients. ERA paves the way for effective communication through it's continuous marketing support. ERA combines above and below the line activities to create awareness of the ERA brand in your local market. Advertising, event marketing, PR Activities, Point of Sale materials, and print materials go a long way to make sure your potential clients and target market know you're there. In addition, ERA Middle East takes the initiative by studying various local media opportunities and developing customized marketing and communications tools for each market's varying cultural standards, while retaining consistency with the ERA Global Brand.

  13. Turnkey Solutions
  14. If you can think of it, we provide it. We've made real estate as easy as simply turning the key and opening up the door to a new world of real estate business opportunities. Starting from your initial business plan, legal issues, office setup & design, equipment and the hiring and training of your start-up staff, carefully documented business manuals, and our meticulous franchise orientation, its all been taken care of. In other words, all you have to do is start focusing on what's important to you; making money.

  15. A Variety of Services
  16. Whether it's a master country franchise or a sub-franchise office, dealing in residential, commercial or appraisal, we've got it all under one umbrella. By combining the widest ranges of services available you're ensured that your clients never have to go outside the network for their real estate needs. In addition, it allows you the chance to expand your business horizons to take on the many disciplines of real estate, while retaining the same levels of excellence and quality service regardless of where you decide to make your mark. As an ERA network member, the choice is yours...

  17. Ongoing Support
  18. When you purchase an ERA Franchise, you don't merely purchase a license, you purchase the ongoing support and reliability which makes running your business a breeze. From the start-up phase through the stages of growth and maturity, you can always rely on the ERA Middle East support staff to provide answers and solutions to your questions. We believe in the kind of support that builds long term business relationships for decades to come. Constantly available, excelling in its field, professional & courteous at all times, our support staff are never more than a quick phone call or email away.

  19. Powerful Property Marketing Tools
  20. As a real estate professional whose job it is to market & sell real estate in its various forms, you need the best tools avail-able in the market. ERA Middle East provides more property marketing services than any other company in the region through it's proprietary Commitment To ServiceTM, a written guarantee for sellers and landlords that they will receive the finest in property marketing tools aimed at creating maximum exposure. Additionally, ERA Middle East is the leader in developing customized marketing and sales plans for large scale commercial and residential projects. ERA Middle East also boasts the most widely distributed property listing magazine around and a website that receives thousands of inquiries a day, in addition to frequently adding new tools.

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